2.1mm, F2.0, 3MP M12 Mount CCTV Lens

2.1mm F2.0 CCTV Lens

PT-02120CWIR650-3MP 2.1mm, F2.0 3MP CCTV Lens with IR Cut Filter

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Focal Length 2.1mm F2.0 3MP M12 Mount CCTV Lens with 650nm IR Cut Filer for 1/2.5" Image Sensor. Angle Of View 160°

Technical Specs

Focal Length: 2.1mmIris: F2.0Mount: M12x0.5Image Sensor Size: 1/2.5"IR Filter: 650nmAngle Of View: 160°Back Focal Length: 6.9mmHousing: MetalOptics: Glass


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