Who we are

M12 Lenses Inc. is a Florida Corporation, incorporated in 2010. We are committed to provide you the most affordable high quality CCTV lenses in the market. We source our lenses directly from the manufacturers to get you the lowest price, and quickest delivery. We also design Custom Acessories such as Lens Holders, Adaptors, Extension Rings, etc. and get them manufactured at one of our affiliated partner companies in Asia.

Our Mission
Be it manufacturing machine vision, surveillance, or inspection equipment, you do want your final products to capture visually clear and sharp video motions that depict a close-to-reality scenario whether it’s at a workplace or a home environment. Our mission is to provide readily available high-quality and affordable products to suite your needs, be it one or tens of thousands of items.

We keep most of products in stock, in large quantities and usually ship out the next day if the order is received before 3PM eastern time. Out of stock items usually ship out in 2-4 weeks and we try our best to make it even faster if at all possible. Come and join a group of satisfied customers who bought our products!

Our Products

We carry a large range of CCTV Lenses, including M12 Lenses (S-Mount) and CS Mount Lenses. All our lenses have Glass optics, delivering superior image quality. Our product offering ranges from 1.2mm up to 60mm focal length, from small Board lenses to large aperture, fixed focal length and zoom lenses, which are ideal for a wide variety of applications including Automotive, Semiconductor, Machine Vision and Surveillance imaging. Being the most affordable lenses in the industry and backed by our one-year warranty, they come with a promise of quality, affordability and reliability.

Our M12 Mount Board Lenses are the most affordable in the market. They have Metal Housings and Glass optics making them reliable and durable, especially in extended temperature range. All of our board lenses are IR capable, enabling day/night operation, however, we can provide most of them with built in IR Filters.
M12 Mount Mega Pixel Lenses provide excellent resolution and low distortion for demanding applications. Our Mega Pixel Lenses are the most affordable in the market while their oosust all metal construction and all glass optics provide reliability, durability and excellent optical characteristics. These lenses are IR Capable.

M12 Mount Zoom (Vari Focal) lenses come in several zoom ranges: 2.8-12mm, 4-9mm, 2.5-8mm and 9-22mm, with manual or auto iris. Their glass optics provide excellent optical characteristics while the all metal hounsings provide the durability. These lenses are IR Capable.

CS Mount Fixed Focal lenses are ideal for Machine Vision applications and CCTV applications. Robust Metal body construction and Glass optics provide excellent optical and mechanical characteristics at affordable pricing. These lenses range from standard VGA resolution to 16MP, covering wide range of sensor formats.

Our CS Mount Zoom Lenses come in several zoom ranges: 3.6-8mm, 6-15mm, 2.8-12mm and 6-60mm, with manual or auto iris. Their robust metal body and glass optics provide phenomenal optical and mechanical characteristics. These lenses are IR capable.

Our Plastic and Metal Lens Holders as well as other accessories are ideal for building your own product using M12 mount Lenses. Plastic Lens holders are very affordable and light weight. Metal Lens Holders are CNC Machined out of solid Aluminum and Black Anodized with very tight tolerances and are designed by M12 Lenses Inc and machined at one of our partner machine shops in Asia. We also design custom accessories as well to fir your needs.